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What's in your free online course?
Lesson 1
Learn our secret formula for creating organic skincare
Lesson 2
Learn how to make professional organic skincare
Lesson 3
Learn how to prepare your formulation workspace
Lesson 4
Learn how to become an organic skincare formulator
Meet Formula Botanica
Formula Botanica is the 5-star accredited online organic cosmetic formulation school. We have taught over 20,000 students in 191+ countries through our award-winning online courses. We want to show the world that everyone can formulate and empower our students to change their lives through botanical formulation. 
We've taught in all these countries!
What will you learn in your free course?
Lesson 1 (15 minutes): 
Our secret formula for creating organic skincare
  • ​Apply Formula Botanica's secret formula and learn the 5 different categories of organic skincare ingredients.​​
  • ​Study the ingredients used in organic skincare formulations and be inspired by the amazing plants available to formulators.
  • ​​See examples of the ingredients you'll be working with in your own fragrant artisan formulation lab.
  • ​Learn how to make that step from DIYer to professional organic skincare formulator.
  • ​​Bonus: Downloadable Lesson 1 Worksheet
Lesson 2 (13 minutes): 
How to make professional organic skincare
  • ​Learn how easy it is to create your own organic body butter by following our expert and award-winning video tuition.
  • ​​Get started with the essentials in making organic skincare by studying the warm blending technique.
  • ​Study how to prevent your precious botanical extracts from being degraded during the formulation process. 
  • Gain the confidence to get started with organic skincare formulation using beautiful botanical ingredients.
  • ​​Bonus: Downloadable Lesson 2 Worksheet
Lesson 3 (16 minutes): 
How to prepare your formulation workspace
  • ​Learn the 5 basic steps you need to take to safely prepare your workspace for formulating.
  • Understand how to keep your workspace and equipment clean and which Personal Protective Equipment you'll need (don't worry: these are small and easy steps anyone can take!).
  • ​Study Lorraine's top tip for ensuring that you always stay organised when you're formulating organic skincare.
  • Learn the basics of applying Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • ​​Bonus: Downloadable Lesson 3 Worksheet
Lesson 4 (17 minutes): 
How to become an organic skincare formulator
  • ​Learn how to empower yourself by becoming an organic skincare formulator (hint: you can do this too!).
  • Meet dozens of Formula Botanica graduates and learn how they are changing the world through organic skincare.
  • Discover if you are ready to take that all-important step of becoming an organic skincare formulator.
  • Find out which education you'll need to get started and how having become a formulator can change your life forever.
  • ​​Bonus: Downloadable Lesson 4 Worksheet

Free Course Bonuses

  • ​Downloadable worksheets to record your coursework and free formulation
  • ​Shopping list to buy your ingredients & equipment
  • ​​Fun interactive quizzes to test your knowledge
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